Executive Director
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Lora Rosemon- Executive Director

Lora Rosemon has 15 years of experience in consumer relations. Over the years Lora has established a successful career serving clients throughout the Houston area. She is the youngest and sole sibling of Latrece Miranda Bell. In 2006, Lora’s focus began to change as she fought to help her sister’s battle with mental illness. Lora continued to stand by her sister’s side, partnering with Latrece to establish the real-estate company “Live Beautiful Now”. After her sister’s passing, Lora chose to develop Live Beautiful Now into an organization that supports the individuals and families of those suffering with Bipolar Disorder.

" I miss my sister daily but  her spirit  has given me the strength to become the voice for mental health"


Finance and Administrative Director
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Carmen Martinez- B.S. Business Management & Marketing, Administrative Director

Carmen Martinez, is a graduate of the University of Houston with a concentration in Business Management and Marketing. For the past 11 years, Carmen has effectively managed a large industry establishing her skills in team building and public speaking. In 2003, Carmen was introduced to Latrece while attending North Harris Community College. Over the years, the two developed an unbreakable friendship that would continue after Latrece’s passing in 2011. Today, Ms. Martinez is determined to share the story of her bond with Latrece in efforts to provide education and support to those with similar experiences.

" Losing my best friend to suicide became real to me that many suffer in silence, I want to open the forum and start taking about it and stop the shame."


Operational and Managing Director
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LaTarsha Rosemon- Administrative Office Manager

LaTarsha Rosemon-Mims, is a Veteran of the United States Army. Mrs. Mims has over 20 years experience in Human Resources. As a Veteran and advocate for employees, she has witnessed the challenges faced by individuals with mental health issues within the work place. In addition, she invested a personal interest in mental health as she witnessed the struggles her sister in law experienced. As a member of Live Beautiful Now, Mrs. Mims is dedicated to expanding her service to the community by supporting those affected by mental health issues. She oversees and directs the organization Volunteers Program.