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On the surface, Latrece Bell appeared to have it all. She was beautiful, extremely accomplished, full of life, and had friends and family that adored her.

But below the surface, those who loved her knew she battled with a devastating mental illness that ultimately triggered her to take her life.

In the wake of their loss, the group of friends joined forces to form “Live Beautiful Now,” a nonprofit organization in honor of Latrece to help remove the stigma of mental illness and bring greater awareness to and support for individuals struggling with mental illness.

Empower Magazine spoke with Jheri Bashen, clinical director for the Live Beautiful Now organization, to share the inspiration and future goals she, LaTarsha Rosemon-Mims and co-founders, Lora Rosemon and Carmen Martinez are working towards to change the perception of mental illness in their quest to increase awareness of the disease and save lives.

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