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Live Beautiful Now is the thankful for the opportunity to be featured in Love Work Repeat 

The holiday season is usually a time of joy and goodwill but it is also a time when many people become depressed or get the "holiday blues" due to stress, fatigue, financial constraints, loss of a loved one or the inability to be with one's family and friends. However there are some instances where depression lingers much longer than a season and it becomes very debilitating to those affected.

Depressive disorders such as psychotic depression, bipolar disorder, and manic depression, to name a few, require medical attention and the help of professionals. Advocacy from organizations like 
Live Beautiful Now also offers support to those in need. I had the opportunity to interview the ladies of Live Beautiful Now and learned a great deal about their amazing organization.

Live Beautiful Now is a 501©3 non-profit organization with a focus to promote awareness, provide education, and information for women suffering from Bipolar Disorder, their families, and supporters, emphasizing symptom recognition, minimizing stigmas, and prevention of suicidal incidents. Latrece's  sister, Lora Bell-Rosemon and best friend Carmen Martinez founded Live Beautiful Now to “Break the Barriers on Bipolar Disorder” for women in the Houston Community and their supporters.

What prompted you to start the organization? Live Beautiful Now (LBN) was inspired in memory of the beloved Latrece Bell and her struggle with Bipolar Disorder. Diagnosed in 2003, unfortunately, Latrece received inadequate treatment and care. Being that she was a successful real estate broker/entrepreneur it became hard for her, at the height of her career, to function properly due to some of the symptoms of this illness and side effects of the medication. She felt if anyone knew of her illness that she would not continue to be respected in the community as a reputable business woman. Sadly in 2011 Latrece succumbed to her symptoms and committed suicide.  After Latrece’s passing we knew there was a need to share our story in hopes to break the negative stigma attached to the title "Mental Illness", so that individuals are educated and aware of resources along with understanding how proper treatment can help sustain a manageable life.

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